Soundtrack to My Shop

The great thing about the internet is you get surprised by how many people are just like you. Any feelings of isolation or anxiety for being odd (or unique as your mom used to say) are whisked away when you randomly find someone living a similar life. Take Ryan Cocina for instance.

Last night while working a little bit into the evening I get a Facebook update from my good buddy. Now, I don’t normally drop what I’m doing to see a FB post but when they come from good friends and it’s titled, Curly Maple Chest of Drawers, you know it’s time for break. The link* did not disappoint.

I don’t know Ryan but I sure do like his style, dude. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be inside the shop of a woodworker, this video gives you a taste. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be inside the confines of a heady jam, this video gives you a taste. If you’ve ever wondered what kindred spirits look like, this video gives you a taste. Thanks Ryan.

Feeling inspired, I finished up my work and closed my laptop. I made the trek downstairs to my shop; ending my two week hiatus. I put on my new shop apron, turned on The General of Jam, cleaned up the mess, and got back to work on the Chest of Drawers. Thanks again Ryan.

There were fits and stops to be sure, but overall I’m glad I found the post and got down to the shop. Next up is tweaking the fit of the web frames, more dry fitting, and then comes the conundrum of how to glue this thing up. My tentative plan is to glue up the inside structure and then take one case side off at a time and glue them. I might need some help though so if you have any ideas, please list them below.

In any event, hopefully this will help keep me inspired and posting more frequently.

*Technical note: I’ve never posted a Facebook link on WordPress so I’m not sure if something behind the scenes gets weird. Please let me know if you have problems in the comments section and I’ll see what I can do to fix it.


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