Advantages of Corporate Travel…

…getting to head to Pittsboro, NC on short notice.


I found out I was heading to Raleigh for a conference late last week. So on Monday I emailed Ed Lebetkin about stopping by if it wasn’t too much trouble. He obliged and when I touched down today I headed straight for the car and hopped on the road as fast as I could. The drive was gorgeous as the temp was in the lower 70’s and the autumn colors abound. I had to stop myself from getting out of the car and taking pictures of Jordan Lake (not knowing much about the area, I’m assuming it’s named after MJ).

When I got there I checked in on the school hoping to catch Roy doing something but no luck. I went around back to where the Vino is served and found the Tool Shop. Ed was gracious and great to talk to. He opened up just for me even though Roy wasn’t teaching any classes this week. Fortunately, I didn’t break the bank and ended up only buying a pair of dividers. I wish I could’ve bought more but I just didn’t need anything and I promised myself I wouldn’t go overboard. Talking with Ed definitely made me want to take a class.

Here are some pics from the phone.

I capped the trip off with an pint of Aviator Ocktober Beast and a great turkey sandwich.

Great little hole in the wall food.

Great little hole in the wall food.


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