I’ve Made a Huge Mistake

I finally worked up the gumption to take on The Dresser. I pulled the pieces out from under the assembly table; slowly. I spread them out, tried to organize them, and went back through my notes to figure out what the hell I was doing six months ago (can’t say enough about taking notes as an infrequent shop user). After about a half hour wrapping my head around the tasks at hand, I noticed a note saying “figure out height discrepancy on top right.” I pulled out my combo squares and went to work.

The news wasn’t good.

You see, I went with dadoes to house my web frames but I didn’t have enough experience to make the dadoes correctly. In the pictures below you can see both of my attempts at creating dadoes in the dresser sides (note the plywood patches from where I miscut my first dadoes). What you can’t tell is how the dadoes have spent their 18 month existence completely out of square. Sigh…

Inside look at dresser sides. Note plywood patches.

Inside look at dresser sides. Note plywood patches.

I used my Festool guide rail and OF1400 to cut the dadoes but I really struggled (apparently) to keep the cut parallel to the top. Take a look at these depressing pictures as evidence.

I don’t know why I didn’t think to check this before but I’m chalking it up to inexperience. The good news is now I have a plan to fix them (the second round of patches are drying as I type this) and now I have sooooo much more experience to know how to do it better next time. It’s weird but finding this mistake actually made me happy. I’ve been chasing issues with this design and execution for a while and now I’m going to take it slow and correct everything and improve things as I go.

After I get the patches installed, I’m not sure if I’m going to use the MFT to cut new dadoes or if I should modify the web frames and use dominoes. There is a definite domino effect in modifying things now but I’m hoping it’ll be for the best. If you have any ideas on what approach you think makes more sense, I’m all ears.


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One Response to I’ve Made a Huge Mistake

  1. Marilyn says:

    Welcome to the now I gotta figure out how to fix it club. 😀
    Don’t know if you read the original post on my COD on Marc’s site (http://www.thewoodwhisperer.com/viewer-projects/marilyns-chest-of-drawers/) but it was about fixing all the mistakes. There are mistakes alllll over mine.


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