A Little Lull

Things have been a bit slow in the shop lately. I took a solid week to sharpen almost everything. This is always a great exercise between projects. I don’t have a dedicated sharpening area so when I get out the equipment, I try to sharpen everything and anything. I sharpened some curved scrapers and my kitchen knives for the first time. I was mildly successful on all attempts.

Since I had all the equipment out, I rehabbed some Josh Clark gems I’ve had sitting around: Moving Fillister and Paring Chisel. I still need a lesson on the moving fillister, which I hope to get at WIA but I was able to make a rabbet in some scrap oak. I took the chisel to the grinder to square it up. This was the first time I’ve used the grinder in the new shop. It’s been sitting on a set of wire storage shelves since coming out of the moving boxes last year. Surprisingly, everything is perfect right where it is and maybe this will make me more likely to use the grinder when I need it.


And speaking of scrap, I milled up some oak and maple to practice dovetails like I mentioned in my last post. I’ve never cut them before but my second attempt seemed pretty decent. The first attempt was a disaster, but I’m ok with that. During this little lull I’ll do a little practicing and get ready for the Hand Tool Olympics at WIA.

I do keep walking by the dresser though. I think I’m ready to tackle it next.


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6 Responses to A Little Lull

  1. Marilyn says:

    Dovetails are lookin’ good!


  2. Whoa, what difference two days makes. Something obviously clicked for you with the dovetails.


    • Thanks. But don’t worry, I did another set a few days later and they looked worse. I just didn’t have time to take some pics. They really are easier once I tried them than they were in my head.


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