Mini Franklin’s Tower

I finally got the treads sanded and finished with four coats of General Finishes Arm-R-Seal (Satin). The final step was to employ the mineral oil and Platin method offered up by Marc in this video. This is the second time I’ve used that method and it really is silky smooth.

The best part of this project was putting it to use for the first time with my 3-year old. She thought it was the coolest and I couldn’t agree more.

I assembled the picture gallery to show photos from before and after the finish. I don’t have any construction photos because I wasn’t blogging when I started this project two months ago. If I build another one for a friend (or client) I’ll make sure to document more things.



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One Response to Mini Franklin’s Tower

  1. Nice work. Looks a heck of a lot safer than the kitchen chairs my kids stand on. The customer looks pretty happy too.


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