Tutorial On Door Installation

Last night I finished up the Fridge and decided to snap some pics of the door installation.This is the first time I’ve done this but the process seemed to make sense. I thought I’d capture it to help someone else down the road. If anyone knows an easier way, I’m all ears.

*Note: no measurements were harmed in the filming of this process…ummm, because I didn’t use any.

I was a Euro hinge virgin before starting this adventure. I looked for different jigs and didn’t want to plunk down a big chuck of change to install two hinges. On a whim I bought a simple jig from Home Depot. I couldn’t find it on their website but Woodcraft has this and it’s identical. It’s not the greatest but for the price I couldn’t pass it up. I don’t have pictures of this process but I used Marc’s video as a guide. In the end the installation wasn’t that bad.

When it came to installing the handles, I did a little brainstorming, practiced on scrap, and documented the process with the following pictures.

In summary: use your dividers to determine the distance between centers on your hardware; figure out what looks good by eye; lock that setting into two combo squares; use blue tape and a steady hand; install; admire.

In the end, it looked like this and I went to bed pretty damn happy.

Finished product.

Finished product.

I’ll take some better pictures when I actually give it to my daughter but for now it’s done.


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