This blog is a way to exercise my woodworking muscles when I can’t be in the shop. While The Glue Dries sounds better than (longing for shop time because I have two little girls, a wonderful wife, a day job, a house to maintain, blah, blah, blah…). It also sets me up for when I do get shoptime and I’m writing while the glue is actually drying.

The ultimate goal is to be in my 50s and no longer working for The Man but building furniture. I hope this blog stays with me as my woodworking evolves. But let’s back up since you probably don’t know me.

I spent my mid to late 20s reading good books (On The RoadSiddharthaRule of the Bone), seeing good concerts (DMBPhishKeller), and learning to use inexpensive power tools as I worked on a great 1940s Cape Cod.

Unfiltered view of Bonnaroo’s Silent Disco. Circa 2005

Another scene from my concert going 20s

I lived in Cincinnati, Ohio (Glendale actually) and found it a great place for woodworkers. My home was in walking distance of the largest Woodcraft in the country and a Rockler just across the street. Within 30 minutes I could be at one of several hardwood dealers – not to mention Midwest Woodworking. I passed this place ump-teen hundred times without going in. Schwarz never let the cat out of the bag until I left. I moved to Cleveland in 2012 and I’m still getting my woodworking bearings straight.

I’ve spent my early thirties reading about woodworking and changing my philosophy on many things (goals, social status, consumerism, monotony, etc.). Good Woodworking blogs now consume the time I was reading books. Concerts are few and far between but that’s because I don’t have the time, not because I’ve given up music. The inexpensive power tools are on Craig’s List, with the Goodwill, or in a landfill (sadly). My shop is now filled with an amalgam of Festool, Lie-Nielsen, Veritas, etc. with a small amount of bits and bops from Josh Clark’s wallet-shrinking Hyperkitten site. Oh, and I also have puzzles, a Melissa & Doug workbench (eat your heart our Roubo), a pink headlight with fairies on it, and two devilishly cute apprentices.


Apprentice 1

Apprentice 2

I hope to give back to the blogging community a small portion of what I’ve gained. So sit back and get ready for snarky commentary, inside jokes, and unsolicited woodworking advice from a regular Dude just tryin to abide.



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6 Responses to Salutations

  1. Love it! Glad you’re flexing your writing muscles while the glue dries. Can’t wait to read more!


  2. I’m looking forward following your blog, Shawn. We’re at roughly the same place in our woodworking experience, home life, and musical taste so this your experience is of particular interest to me.


    • Thanks Jim. I just briefly looked at your blog and other than the NY/Boston thing I think we’ll be fine. I left sports off the table but I’m a die hard Bills, Knicks, ‘Cuse fan. I grew up with the Yankees, so come September I start watching them again but baseball isn’t really my bag. I added you to My Feedly. Thanks again for stopping by.


  3. Chuck M says:

    Just found your blog and am going to go back and get caught up. I also blog to keep track of my projects and hopefully my growth as a wood work. I have 2 apprentices also, great to see how another dad squeezes in shop time.


    • Hey Chuck. I just added your blog to My Feedly (if you don’t use Feedly, you should at least try it out; it’s an awesome app for blog junkies). I briefly looked at your rocking horse build and might be adding that to my to-do list for the girls. Part of the reason I started the blog was to provide (and steal) ideas about other woodworkers shifting their schedule and hobby around their kids. Thanks for stopping by.


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